The human male species has one attribute that many other male species lack. Whereas other male species simply uses sex as a means of procreation and preservation of their species, the human species not only uses it for procreation and preservation of the human race but also as a sign of love and affection. It’s during the sexual act that men (male of the human race) show their masculinity and athletic ability in bed. The motivation in most cases is to prove to the woman that she made the right choice of a sexual partner.

Trouble however starts when the moment to bare all comes. Men who are not blessed with long and thick penises are in most cases unwilling to let their women have a look at them, feel and caress their penises before the sexual act. When women are denied this privilege, they fail to open up and receive the man as expected. This largely because of anxiety caused by fear of not knowing what to expect. And what a disappointment it turns out to be when the penis is too short to make any meaningful impression on the woman. There is a general perception, especially among women, that if a man’s penis is not well endowed in length and girth then his performance may be wanting. Women who are unfortunate to get men with type of penises end up disappointed because the penis rarely ever explores the depths of the vagina to an extend that most women desire.

Bigger Penis

But, men are not sitting easy. They have gone out to seek ways to make their penises longer and thicker. Some of the interventions that they have adopted range from food supplements to the much maligned surgical extension of the penis. Men of course understand that it is their naturally assigned role to satisfy women during the sexual act. This is what informs their never ending search for a process or method that will make them add inches to their penises to enable them to proudly show them off to their women for adoration before the sexual act. This is a sure way to build a man’s ego and to a large extent, encourage him outperform himself during the sexual intercourse. The assumption is; the bigger the better and the deeper it goes the more pleasurable the sexual act.

One of the methods that have proved reliable and effective is the traction method of making a penis longer and thicker – penis advantage review. The method is not only safe, it’s painless and most importantly its results are permanent. This is where this system beats the other penis enlarging methods. In most other methods, the penis shrinks back to original size once the treatment regime ends. The traction method, however, works more like the exercises that one gets in weight lifting and body building regimes. Here, the body muscles or tissue, due to exercise, are forced to multiply and reach the size the body builder requires. This is the same technique that the traction method uses to enhance penis sizes. And it is the same technique that many tribes have used to elongate lips, necks and earlobes. Doctors on the other hand have also used the method to make limbs and digits longer. This a true testimony that the system indeed works and is effective.

The traction device is attached to the penis and applies some level of pull which encourages or promotes the flow of blood into the corpora cavernosa. When blood flows into the corpora cavernosa, the tissue is forced to multiply to compensate for the pull that is applied by the traction device. This is the reason the enhancement is permanent. Many people have achieved the desired result depending on how long the traction device remains in place. Many have registered increases ranging from two to three inches with the best result being an incredible increase of the penis to 8.7 inches.

This device now comes in sixteen variants to suit the unique anatomical needs of every man. The traction device is also able to straighten penises that are curved and have difficulty or are unable to penetrate a woman. It is effective in elongating the micro penises that measure just about one inch. This makes it the ideal method for those who wish to enhance the size of their penises.

How to Deal With a Small Dick as a Man


Small Dick

One of the most common sayings in football is: it’s not the size of the dog that matters but the size of the fight in the dog. It’s just a reworking of the cliché “size matters” statement. If you know what to do with it, a small dick can still get your girl to orgasm every time. There are several sex positions that will give both of you pleasure ad since the most sensitive part of the vagina is usually a maximum 3 inches into the vagina, your small stud can rock her world all the way to O-town.

Foreplay can be your best friend if you have a small dick. Take her as close to orgasm before penetration that her mind is reeling and she is begging for you to take her. Start with the classics you know kissing ad caressing and then toss in everything she likes from sexy pillow talk to toys, spanking, biting and bondage just lavish her with the attention she likes and take her to the very edge before penetration and she’ll be hearing colors and seeing smells especially with one of the sex positions best adapted for a small dick. Getting her to climax once before penetration will also reduce performance anxiety and she will be more likely to try out a new position.

Doggy style, the go-to move for orgasm is great for you and your lady’s G-spot. This position is one of control for you and if she bends forwards in the position onto her forearms or elbows while squeezing her legs, it will increase the penetration. A variation of the doggy called the hound where the girl arches her back is also really effective for mind-blowing sex for a guy with a small dick. Positions that deepen penetration and allow you to stimulate the G-spot and the vagina’s front walls should be something you engage in such as the fan where you control the movement and you can also caress the clitoris and breasts. As her pelvis is tilted she will be able to experience the benefits of your extra deep penetration with this position. For this and the magic mountain, props can be really handy. For the magic mountain, the girl kneels in front of them, leans forward over the mountain of pillows and you kneel behind her with your legs outside of hers and enter from behind.

The V-formation and splitting bamboo are absolutely great positions for the full on contact they provide which is why missionary is still popular and because they deepen penetration. The woman lies on her back and you penetrate her normally then lift one leg over your shoulder or both for each respectively. This position allows you to thrust quite deeply even with a small dick and allows you to tease the clitoris which will have her biting her lips and curling her toes from the double play. There are so many positions to try that will let you both enjoy mind-blowing sex despite or maybe because of your small dick so though it may be embarrassing in a locker room situation it doesn’t have to be the same in the bedroom.

How to Boost Energy and Stamina in Bed?


in Bed

You are planning to make love with your newly married wife tonight and you want it all perfect, but do not know if you have the stamina needed to give her the complete satisfaction she wants. This is a common scenario that many lover guys fall into. Because of the uncertainty, they often hesitate to make love with their loved ones. You will find tips here to boost stamina in bed.

Start slowly

Often wild sex ends up quickly without proper satisfaction by both party. So, it is often advised to start slowly to build the momentum. You should start making love slowly and building the mood gradually so that you could pick up a point where the sex will feel like fun.

Eat Right

Eating right is mandatory to have a perfect body and good stamina. So, if you want to boost stamina in bed, you should eat the right food for your body. If you lack in sexual stamina, this could be an indication of problems associated with your health and diet. To improve your sex life and boost stamina in bed, you should eat healthy foods daily and maintain a healthy weight. Good blood flow all over your body is important to have the best sexual experience. Nevertheless, blood flow can be hindered if arteries become clogged because of high saturated fats and cholesterol. That is why, you should be careful with your diet.

Exercise daily

If you can stay fit, your stamina will surely increase in bed. You will certainly see some improvements if you spend at least 30 minutes of regular exercise five days a week. You can try out free hand exercises and go for the morning or evening walks. Playing any sport that increases the physical activity also helps in this case.

Remain Stress Free

If you remained stressed, it will hinder your blood flow which will result in various complications. If you want to boost stamina in bed, then you should reduce stress in your life. This rule is for all kinds of people.


Everything is decided by our mind and keeping this mind free and calm can be highly beneficial for you in maintaining your health and improving your stamina. As the exercise is needed, you should also try to meditate daily. If it is not possible regularly, you can do it every two days to see the improvement for yourself.

Following these techniques will surely help you and improve your sexual life with ejaculation guru review at